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Modern Base 16 hexadecimal farm message processing systems, STAR WARS, and the Jedi secret communications codes.


Modern society has  many secrets. Given the multiplicity  of  communications media and formats .....and given the various  levels  of brain data processing ability ...we can expect various levels of expression.  Thus when reading a newspaper is possible that it may contain  subset messages  ...from the subliminal  mind or from the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness or from another aspect of the  human soul/spirit.

Many examples exist of such a process ......that is .... Nature using the human Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer for  these  multi-message processing reports...such as newspaper articles.

How does one get to VIEW this?   Let's  look at an example.

1st ) We must look at the 2 major dimensions of the Earth existential universe.   As adult, educated  humans we exist in 2 formats:   physical and symbolic.

What does the EARTH symbolic universe consist of .....nouns, verbs, adjectives, math equations, chemistry formula, etc.
To understand this...we consider the concept of COMPUTER EARTH system 370 .....and Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and it's application to our daily  lives.  We are subsets  living within  DATA FIELD  space and DATA FIELD time ......we are subsets  embedded within space/time  living on the surface of EARTH.

The atomic English language interfaces with the Earth and has  LINKS to astrophysics symbolic  dimensions VIA the English language vowels:   A, E, I, O, U.

The Computer Earth system  370 symbolic processor  VOWELS describe their data  processing abilities with:
I = Input
O = Output
U = Universe

In addition, we have Base 16 hex 'Fa' = 250  --> Farm.
What is an Earth  farms in Einstein's data Field theory and applications.
Farm = Fa + rm = base 16 Hex'Fa' = 250   AND  Rm =  room  of space/time on EARTH at Rm = revolutions per minute ..of the Earth's axis  as it orbits the  SUN.

Thus modern the farm must be understood.
The Base 16 Hex"FFA"  ignored COMPUTER EARTH system 370 messages and consequently Matt Anderson brain bio-computer subroutines made an error   ...... because the base 16 Hex'FFA" members of a bio-computer PDS = Partitioned Data Set refuse to recognize the various  levels of Sartre existentialism.

Arrogance and superiority lessons from EARTH were given to Rod Nilsestuen  at  Lake Superior ...the Secretary of Agriculture and the university ought study  the
Secret .....of  Ag ......... of this complex world ......
    Washington, D.C., July 22, 2010 —The untimely drowning death this week of Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture Rod Nilsestuen is a loss to all of those in the ...

Perhaps, someday, a more  complete explanation of those tragedies  published ..instead of the cover-up promoted by the University of Wisconsin .... who will  NOT discuss much of anything .... such as the 23 chromosome  hostage students of  puppet high school ....Marionette and Marinette, Wisconsin with Boy Scout  test sample ...sam Hengel.

Thus we had an FFA sample (Matt Anderson) and a Boy Scout sample (Sam Hengel) ...and both  tragedies resulted in biased, distorted, incomplete  news explanations.   .

2) Given the above outline of our EARTH symbolic universe ....we see and understand the movies/ paperback books of the STAR WARS series and the  code Jedi = Job Editor.

Who has such JOB Editors in human bio-computer society?

-->Jedi = J + edi = Janesville, Wisconsin  newspaper editor
-->Milwaukee Journal editor = Mil + J + edi = Military Jedi  in  geography region

Sun/ astronomy war zone of Wisconsin ....identifiers....

Sun Prairie and the STAR newspaper and
the Water100 with Trek bicycle STAR TREK war zone with  year 2007 Captain Jim represented by Governor Jim Doyle.

STAR WARS,  STAR TREK, Deep Space Nine, The Voyager, etc  are considered related  concepts in this secret communications

3) Thus the article below.....attracted my attention ....that are the deeper levels of possible thought?

We note that Jane Editor  --> J editor --> Jedi identifier

4) rootworms ..... the reference  to high school algebra and the roots of the quadratic equation with two roots / two solutions.

The roots ...that is newspaper secret Jedi algebra messages  ....are roots

The  agriculture industry  messages are to be sent to agents  ..... 4ac ....that is  the 4DNA nucleotides of  lawyers working with the aclu = american civil liberties union of  lawyers  defending the  bio-math  life  and math social science laws.
5) the reference to the music industry from LIVERPOOL, England the sentence ...
"....this year's annual beetle survey "

6) Jane Fyksen ......algebra subset of the proper noun
....Jane F .....hence a Jedi  whose subliminal mind has links to Jane's F = Fighting ships .....

deeper in her subconscious mind .....we  think of the TV shows/ paperback books with Captain Janeway and her fighting ship..the Voyager.   The LINK is mentioned in the newspaper  article ....
phrase ..increased in seven of the nine reporting...

Thus Captain Jane for the Milky WAY galaxy war  to regain  control of EARTH.  The war began in year 1616 with the invasion of Earth by alien electromagnetic waves/photons and/or other factors  that affect the human brain ....hence, the name Galileo the DEFENDER (of Earth)

What secret math equation.....let's look at the numbers.
Seven  =  7 = odd integer
Seven  = S + even .....why the reference to even integer?
Seven  = 5 + even integer base  ..... 5 and 2 implies 52 weeks a year to an Earth crop editor.

Seven, nine, twenty-seven = 27 .....

Nine =  base 3 squared
27  = base 3 cubed ..... what additional signals may exist???

8.9 beetles --> Computer Earth 8 data bits + 9th bit .... parity bit, the error checking bit for insects

o.7 per plant .....
o 7 .....plan ....the James Bond 007 project plan and their secret role secret ..that their conscious mind probably unaware ...but Sigmund Freud,  Carl Jung,  Maslow,  Eric Berne and others and their  brain tracking systems keep track of such CLUES.

two fold increase ==> Double 007  = 14

Thus ...when reading a newspaper article ........a few  may  have additional messages embedded within the article the  request of the Central  Nervous System  for Mother Nature.

For MIL = Military  classified information secrets ..try the Sunday Milwaukee Journal classified section.

For corporation research lab secrets in organic chemistry in the  Pet = petroleum industry   .... look in the newspaper PET section for  ads about LAB ador retriever's.
So,  obvious ...the last place in the  world one would think of  as .... an industrial secret bulletin board.

The Chicago Sun/Times  publishes secret astronomy news from the U of c  ...c = 186000 and the city of the velocity of light and ideas.

The New York Times newspaper  specializes  in Isaac Newton  human  gravity thoughts .......that is ...the  gravity field interaction with news reporter atomic brain mass.  The New York Times may come down to EARTH someday  ......and maybe they will recognize that some other human life forms also exist.

IVY League schools live in the internal government  of the human body / brain  ......
IV = Intra-Veinous human life forms that ought expand their VIEW of existence ...and recognize
the 11 dimensions of string theory of life and daily activities on EARTH.

Thus.....thanks to the Jedi of  Agriculture  and their news about the periodic atomic table element Ag,  food systems, and dinner table silverware .........    we have the  Ag continuum   .....
from Agriculture to  Ag = Silver atoms of forks and spoons.

  1. Why is the chemical symbol for silver ag › ... › FashionJewelryGold and Precious MetalsCached - Similar
    The latin name of Silver is 'argentum', so 'Ag' is two letters of the latin name, which no other element can create. In the periodic table, the symbols which Silver ...

    Thus ...what is  AGRI-View  in the context of  GUT  = Grand Unified Theory of physics which started around year 1453 with GUT agent Gutenburg, the printing press,  and Nature's project to develop the eye/retina/ optical nerve and the symbolic life of words in the brain optical computer.

    AGRI - View .....
    AGRI  = AG + Ri =  Agriculture/ Silverware Riddle ......and much more RD remains to understand this puzzle......about the Lone Ranger televsion show and the signal HI Ho Silver and Tonto  symbolic of Toronto newspapers.

    What other CLUES does mathematical  Jane F(y)  .... a bio-math Function of  y   reveal in this article?  

    Fyksen has a biological clock and a year 2000 bio-computer brain version.

    Fyksen = F  +  yk + sen --> Function Y2K  bio-computer sense codes SEND message 
    ...... thus we see  molecular cell biology agent  identifier ......F yk
    write...... clues

    --> rootworm  subset word

    --> two-fold increase

    --> black cutworm

    --> western bean cutworm  subset letters

    Take agent  ... F  y k    + clue TWO  implies Y2K signal  .....about what????
    Sentence words ..... density of 11 per plant in 2004?

    Hence the natural  BRAIN test question?

    -->  Herbert (I,  the reader)  ..Are you  dense?
    -->  number 11 implies              SKU11 per plan(t)  t = thoughts
    -->  2004 = Base 2 exponent 004  -->  Base 16
     hexadecimal oxygen atomic bio-computer forms 

    Thus agent    F yk   +  two +  11 +  base 16 LUNGs  ..... provides important bio-chemistry information about the STATUS of  the Wisconsin  brain wars and the  problems in   awareness  of the subtle and deeper levels of REALITY. 

    George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and others would be proud of the
    language secrets and subtle writing style of the  ......
     CROP Connection  + cutworm  -->
    ..............Connecti      + cut --> Connecticut publishing headquarters.

    Thus ...the lesson to the reader that symbolic awareness and  self-education are important.  Adults ought make it a hobby study basic concepts ......using freshman college math and science textbooks as a reference library.  This will, over  30 or 40 years ..enhance your understanding and pleasure in reading a news article multi-faceted view format. 

    Does Jane work for the CIA?   Who knows about her alter ego in the Earth parallel symbolic universes?

    Is there a copy of you reading this article? A person who is not you but who lives on a planet called Earth, with misty mountains, fertile fields and sprawling cities, in a solar system with eight other planets? The life of this person has been identical to yours in every respect. But perhaps he or she now decides to put down this article without finishing it, while you read on.

The idea of such an alter ego seems strange and implausible, but it looks as if we will just have to live with it, because it is supported by astronomical observations. The simplest and most popular cosmological model today predicts that you have a twin .....

Thus we see that some  writers and authors ......can write a basic, main  article /book     and then within that story   ...... give CLUES about  other concerns of society.   This requires the adult reader to be interested issues of society interested that they continue their self-education beyond high  school.   Books are available at college bookstores or can be ordered from you local  bookstore.  Genetics, biochemistry  or molecular cell biology, linear algebra, calculus, control systems, and  basic  physics textbooks  ...when viewed as providing CLUES to puzzles  of  human daily life  and events ..... can make life very interesting.

I spent over 4 hours analyzing Jane's article and I still ain't done.

  Maybe, some farmers  and other readers can continue the process ...... in their spare time in the evening or on a rainy day.  

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