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The University of Wisconsin X-Wing Solo Command report from the STAR WARS region: Madison, Sun Prairie to Milwaukee. Agents Solo and Runt provide valuable Science War data.


Modern  propaganda  wars use television  and print to influence the minds of civilian populations in the United States and  elsewhere.   Aldous Huxley forewarned us about the possibilities with book:  BRAVE NEW WORLD  The George Orwell  book 1984 battle of Oceania took place  at  Northern Illinois University, Cole Hall, Oceanography class room.   The  various school shootings are known by  university philosophy departments, political science departments, and governments as  the  actualization of   KARL Marx  class  warefare.

To understand these events and complex messages,  Nature and its various systems  that interact with humans and human institutions ......arranged for an informative  EVENT in the Madison, Wisconsin region.

All the World's a Stage by William Shakespeare

  1. All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one ... William Shakespeare (26 April 1564 - 23 April 1616 / Warwickshire) .... We tend to live out a drama within our own lives.
  2. All The World's A Stage by William Shakespeare Classic Famous ...
    All the world's a stage, / And all the men and women merely players; / They have their exits and their entrances, / And one man in his time plays many parts, ...
  3. What does the quote "All the world's a stage, And all the men and ... › ... › As You Like It QuestionsCached r
    Apr 17, 2007 – We may call it different stages. the first role to be played is of an .... William Shakespeare is d greatest writer and dramatist d world has seen!

Let's look at the modern WORLD  and the modern script ......and its input to out brain symbolic computer.
We are bio-computers.....the ancient Roman Empire was built using  the human bio-computer and the brainr data processing abilities.  The group, collective   bio-computer  was like a modern day copper-wire system 370 main frame computer.     The  people in ROME gathered/ assembled  at their  sports stadium called the

At the colosseum... the people looked at each other .....their eyes  received optical  input data  on other faces, clothing fashion styles, hair styles, cosmetics, etc.  This group of data was input to the human eye/optical nerve and its optical data processing system ........the assembled people became a biological computer language called assembler.

The same process continues today in Madison .  Bio-computer humans from around the geography state of Wisconsin...gather for  the ancient ritual of  the assembly bio-computer process  .........known as the  Wisconsin  State assembly legislature gathering of bio-computers.  For example, Nature has  a special agent with special  bio-computer RD  logic chip in his subliminal mind ....
  1. Jeff Wood, I-Chippewa Falls, was convicted

    Thus we see  his top secret code identifier  I-Chip  --> Intergrated Circuit Chip  with  top-secret
    advanced brain computer d p = data processing tools --> d p = 
    drug paraphernalia.

    Why is this?   Ask Seymour  Cray and  his super bio-computer optical  processor using the
    cray = c + ray =  186,000  velo.CITY  of   light ..symbol  CITY    ....ray.
    Thus we have the modern RAY GUN  using  human optical data streams  or television or movies. 

    The importance of  William Shakespeare's literature and his statement ....LINKED with the year 1453 printing press of GIUTENBURG ......was that the printing press and his literature enabled NATURE and the Central Nervous System 370 bio-computer to embark upon a major project...the development  of the optical nerve and the abstract  brain symbolic computer.

Thus .......let's look at a  book and a situation in the Madison  region.  Remember that music, books, etc  provide input data to the brain computer  that may some manner become instructions to the subliminal mind ...and later on....... .may result in  visible overt behavior.

Let's outline the script   ...a small  subset of the book's words......that help describe  the process...that William Shakespeare wrote about --> we are the players    ........the Madison and Sun Praire  theater performance by  atomic bio-physics humanoids  that were selected by the Darwin selection  process  of symbols and proper nouns , symbolic life,  and their human representatives.

The atomic English language of the 26 proton alphabet letters of ferrous oxide atom  VIA iron hemoglobin protein structrures  LINKED to organic chemistry  molecular humanoids  with  high school algebra. function of  f(x)  ..............presents:

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION ( planet Earth) is an interesting location for various social engineering experiments and studies.  A  distant,  theoretical  researcher in the Milky Way Galaxy  ...if viewing the Solar System  ...would see activity on the surface of EARTH.  That hypothetical amateur scientist  would view the planet as a laboratory .....within the atomic/astrophysics continuum . With symbolic tools and concepts  ....such as  the Theory of Everything  (which includes human thoughts and actions )  and Grand Unified Theory  ........a researcher could outline some  events  that occur on EARTH .....using symbolic information and Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and applications.

Where might we start?

STAR Wars ...perhaps, a description of the Carl Jung atomic/molecular collective unconsciousness ...of  groups of atomic/organic molecule people on EARTH.
What might Nature suggest to help understand Carl Jung ?
Nature......guides us to  JUNG  SEE (DS)       in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin    and
suggests we  see  the logic  CLUEs  around us.

Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION    .....Solar System  .....SUN .....

Then logic step

Thus  ......if the universe  and its astronomy star war news were to be printed ...a  common sense geography location would be a place like SUN Prairie ...allowing nearby University of Wisconsin, Madison astronomers  easy access to  printed empircal data of the war ...the STAR WARS  as reported by newspapers and paperback books.   Consider  the above picture a  surrealistic painting of  Madison and  Sun Prairie  and its various intellectual architectures.

What human event occurred in Madison region to attract attention?

The above book cover  refers to the  "Star wars "     and the  "EMPIRE:

Translate this .....for the moment into:
Star -->   the Sun Prairie STAR newspaper  geography region
EMPIRE --> EM = ElectroMagnetic television/ radio   region involving the same geography region as the newspaper

Now,  lets  look at the Wisconsin State Journal article correlation to the paperback book.
a) Dane County --> implies we ought use the DANE university  analysis approach  of the Niels Bohr Instutite.
b) assistant city CLEK  refers to J.CLERK Maxwell equations of em life = em --> employees   like Nature's Darwinian selected EM agent --> Elena Berg.    Thus we see Nature stating that  c  = 186,000 =  the velo.CITY of light ......has  an optical city within the photon/EM optical data stream.
Thus Madison is comprised of 2 different cities:
    1) the geography city of Madison
    2) the eye/optical nerve ...symbolic city of nouns, verbs, equations pictures in the brain optical computer and the eyeBALL --> BALL --> Basic AssemblerLanguage of Light   ...which includes human people...whose MIND  is linked only to the optical city  ...and they can't relate to the geography city.
Thus  humans evolved into various  optical sub-species   ....according to eye/ brain orientation.

Steven  Ballmer has yet to explain what his optical nerve CITY is up to...and his societal relationship to electron physics optical emissions and the Balmer series....and various manipulation commands that may exist with his subconscious MIND  knowledge of the continuum.

  1. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicts our computers will "know ...
    May 24, 2011 – Now that's like having the perfect boyfriend... or a personal assistant Read more by Ysolt Usigan on CBS News' Tech Talk.

Thus we see the  battle signals   ....regarding optical battle for control of the brain optical nerve   of students and professors and citizens  at the  University of Wisconsin, Madison    and Madison citizens  and  Wisconsin State government staff and officials.

L. Ron Hubbard  warned us about the HUBBLE  optical wars near Hubble(ton),  Wisconsin ..with his book " Battlefield EARTH"

Let's continue to look for more CLUES to verify the hypothesis...that these books are sending us messages about some optical nerve war regarding the English Language  ...such as the shooting with the Virginia TECH English department failure to understand atomic English language standards and the limits of  television language nonsense that is approved by universities.

                               SOLO     COMMAND  
                                          Nature's chain of command
  1. Theoretical Chemistry Institute | UW Madison - Department of ... - Similar
    The Theoretical Chemistry Institute is part of the Physical Chemistry Division. As our name implies we are a group of theoretical chemists at the University or ...

Applied Chemistry --> social chemistry experiment with Shakespearean molecular actor:

SOLO         COMMAND   -- ->   mission  ..LINK to STAR newspaper for Star wars project

Alder Brian L. Solomon

In election year  2007, Solomon was age 38.

The first candidate to announce for Madison's 10th aldermanic district was Brian Solomon. A former president of the Monroe-Dudgeon Neighborhood Association, the 38-year-old hopeful is director of the Wisconsin Job Service and serves on the city's Equal Opportunities Commission

Let's look at Nature's signals  ....of the atomic /molecular English alphabet letters.
Nature expressions are VIA organic behavior structures in humanoid format

Now, here addressing starts with location  1

Alphabet  value --> A   B   C   D  E  F  G   H   I   J      K   L    M
Address location-->1    2    3   4   5  6   7   8   9  10    11   12   13

Now  notice the position  3  --> C
.........................position  8 ---> H

Thus age 38  --> points to  CH --> CH.emistry agent
Name...Brain  Solomon --> points to Solomon's organic chemistry  textbook..politics of molecules.

  1. Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Similar
    Info · Contact Us · Visiting · Computing · Financial · Mathlab signup · News · Private Tutors · Search · Talent Search · WIKI · People · about · Everyone · Faculty ...

Thus we see math lab  and  the evolution of math  to  the math life of humans....

The   IRON Fist relates to the Falk Iron Gear explosion in Milwaukee  in   December 2006.
Year 2006 implies 26 protons of ferrous oxide atom and  their 26 atomic English alphabet letters.

New Republic  refers to  Isaac Newton and the gravity wave interaction with brain atomic mass and brain thoughts...thus creating gravity thought waves  and gravity life formats.
The Republic was a book by the  brain cells known as the:
 PLato Military  information systems report = Republic.
......atoM .....the ancient Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropology group
PLO --> PLatO  philosophy at Vasser college   that was expressed in  visible, overt format  in the Middle East by  Yasser Arafat ...... hence, a  supersymmetry bio-physics  display  in the Sinai geo-political region .

Words ...
Solo.  But Z sin j  ...........code for   region
Solomon  Z .....wisconSIN   j = janesville and the GM automobile factory IRON FIST link
Z --> alphabet 26 letters  .... A  thru Z  symbolized by Highway 26 Janesville  to Watertown

the X-wing fighters.....refers to subset word ..
..hex  fighters...Base 16 hexadecimal fighters  near   Hexadecimal Highway 16  of Wisconsin.

combat task force     .....refers to FermiLAB physics
......bat task force --> batavia, illinois secret projects ....  message output VIA book

Thus we see William Shakespeare
                   " The WORLD is a stage  and we are the players"
 in modern UW terms .....
                 " The WORLD is a stage and we are the    P layers ( Processing layers of Nature and its social engineering experiments  and its  social process control systems  with feedback  ERROR signals).

Let's look at  more data pages from the book.
Do some data pages give CLUES about social process?
Which CLUES may pertain to the Madison experiment.

page 90 ....

Who might be Runt?
Words--> because we're too deep

Let's look at the Madison  data script/  the scene ....and using Senator Proxmire of Wisconsin and his secret  theory proximity  and approximation  statistical estimators ......and try to understand.

Thus we see the University English department and   District  Attorney office  may have arranged the William Shakespeare modern script  the Star Wars scene.
Thus ..given the script ...we have  the players this case   the  Madison theatrical  role of " DEEP " undercover agent code Runt.

Bio-computer optical System 370 SNA VTAM  RU --> Runt  = Request Unit for Rusch.  Notice ...the news article mentions that her brain has atomic bio-physics electron shell  abilities....hence, the physics identifier of first name Shelly. That states that her primordial existence starts with atomic electrons....and then she  evolved into  an adult humanoid electron  social science messenger. .

Thus we see the human electronic brain configurations of  organic chemistry molecules...VIA  Nature's theoretical chemistry department about Solomon's  tetxbook.

Above, DA refers to the brain electron circuit known as a Differential Amplifier.
University of Wisconsin electronic engineers are familiar with the copper wire version  ...and have the symbolic version inside their brain.

Below, signal to the BIG TEN university and DISTRICT 10   that is near the STAR newspaper
...identifier for the universe  and  the   Solar  System  370 war region...which includes the Hubble WARS  supersymmetry /  parallel processing  war region of  Hubbleton,  Wisconsin.

  1. The Hubble Wars: Astrophysics Meets Astropolitics ... › ... › American GovernmentGeneral - The Hubble Space Telescope is the largest, most complex, and most ... This is one of the best case studies of how NOT to do good systems engineering! ....connect The Hubble Wars - Eric J. Chaisson New York 

Chris Ogden vs. Brian Solomon for District 10

Chris Ogden vs. Brian Solomon for District 10


Below,,,,,we see words
Millennium Falcon ..........algebra subsets  ..
Mil............Fal   con
Milwaukee Falk  Wisconsin   (Falk iron gear)
..................Falk in Dane County
Mil --> Milford
Mil --> Milton by Janesville ..HIghway 26 literture of Milton

Thus we have many CLUES to an intertesting  social science puzzle  of Nature...regarding the influence of literature and textbooks upon group thoughts and individual thoughts..

There is a  question raised by Shakespeare's words   " The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

WHO is the director?
The chemistry department?
The English department?
The Computer Science department?

Society has had 400 years to answer that question.

Society has had over 150 years to answer " The Tale of 2 Cities".
Now, we had the "Tale of 2  Towers" of September 11, 2001.
Thus what secret society exists of millions of participants ...that write incomplete explanations of events  AND have no interest in helping explain more of the details.... at the deeper levels of atomic consciousness .....that rises  thru several levels  of human subconscious  thought to become visible and overt at the surface level of life and behavior.    Thus seen, an analyst may be able to trace backwards  to the atomic source code .....such as the Base 16 oxygen atom processor used by the human bio-computer LU = Logical Unit = LUNG.

Thanks to Grand Unified Theory and the Theory of Everything  for providing a conceptual framework for the Margaret Mead atomic  anthropology studies in atomic political science and atomic social sciences ..such as the Wisconsin region.    In a way, Nature is the director of our lives  and would like our cooperation with the Social Contract as earlier outlined  by JOHN Locke and others.

A  human group in a sports stadium  has its group   bio-computer optical  processing  system.
For example  the Green Bay Packers footBall group does  PACKED  decimal processing for the nearby city of  bio-computer OS/ JCL  called OS.hkosh.  Their bio-computer brain programming  errors result in many crimes and economic problem.  University computer science departments  and large corporation data processing departments  oversee societal  bio-computer  systems  .....a responsibility they have neglected  since the citizens could care less. Thus Nature is taking over...and the Madison demo is a message to Univeristy of Wisconsin from the UNIVERSE.

Thus the UNIVERSE's Darwinian optimization selection of  SUN  Prairie.  Hubble(ton), Cambridge and Watertown (Keck) as  a special message processing region ...hence the events occur and generate messages in the Wisconsin State Journal newspaper.

More study needs to be done by professors.  Nature seems  to have a new social process control systems that we ought become familiar.  Thus Nature is the new MASTER MIND  ....with many components  ..such as symbolic life or  solid state physics or biochemistry or secret music commands. However, nature wishes a partnership with those intellectuals  that can  rise above the biased thinking and incomplete reports .....and that acknowledge the existence of the world-wide SCIENCE WARS.

Chris Ogden vs. Brian Solomon for District 10
One of 14 seats contested in the spring 2007 elections for the Madison Common Council.

Thus year 2007 elections are in Book 7. 

The Madison 14 seats   and year 2007  imply
  14 atomic mass of nitrogen  atom and its 7 electrons.

Nitrogen implies nitrogenous bases of  DNA  nucleotides  ---> tides DNA signal  from the  Navy man. Thus   the 4 DNA   nucleotides of  the INTERNAL bio-structure of  Chris Ogden spent 4 years in the EXTERNAL world of  the  tides war service......the NAVY.

Chris Ogden, 59, has lived and worked in the district for 30 years and is a lifelong resident of Madison except for four years in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He is the owner of Happy's Heating and Air Conditioning in the Dunn's Marsh neighborhood.

Thus ...Carl Jung  and the sunlight photon/electromagnetic collective unconsiousness  and its  information elements and thoughts (of Nature) ...... appropriately  selected the Solar System geography location of SUN Prairie  and  Jung Seeds.  

Sun photons  ----> see ......ds = define space --> seeds  ......and then JUNG SEEDS  vegetables  and the supersymmetry  JUNG  sees  Man and his Symbols, collective unconsciousness, etc.
Is there a connection. Probably.

Let's assume that Carl Jung only ate vegetables in his life.   Then he and his thoughts and writings  could be considered  Nature's vegetables thoughts and philsophy...with Carl Jung as the vehicle messenger for Nature.
YOU are what you eat !

So, what does
SUN Praire say?.

SUN --> S + un = Spectrum unconsciousness

Thus the sunlight thru
 JUNG  see.ds   begins its  long journey to a  higher  level of consciousness ...such as might appear on the pages of a Solomon organic chemistry textbook.

JUNG see.ds  .......provides
............see ..pointers   to the deeper levels  of  reality ...such as our life  and our   relationship  to the
  11-dimensions of string theory.  The  mathematical-physics mechanism Nature  uses is a botany  called a vegetable  = ve + get + table --> vector get table ........concepts familiar to  copper wire computer engineers.

  1. PASSINGS : J. W. Jung; Mail-Order Seed Firm Founder - Los ...
    Mar 19, 1988 – J. W. Jung, 100, founder of one of the nation's biggest mail-order seed companies. Jung Seed Co., founded in 1906, circulates as many as 3 ...
 Thus we see the biochemistry  signals ..
J.W. JUNG   100       and word    circulates (external circulation)
...................B 100 D ....................circulation (internal parallel)

Year 1906...and his parallel namesake: Carl Jung...........

  1. Carl Jung - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist, the founder of analytical psychology. Jung is considered the first modern psychiatrist to view the human psyche as ...

In 1906, he published Studies in Word Association and later sent a copy of this book to Sigmund Freud, after which a close friendship between these two men followed for some six years (see section on Relationship with Freud). In 1912 Jung published Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido (known in English as Psychology of the Unconscious) resulting in a theoretical divergence between him and Freud.

Studies in Word Association


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